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Slate-Lite Translucent is a thin naturalstone-veneer which is suitable for almost every application.
The surface consists of 100% natural stone while the backing consists of a clear fiberglas carrierplate.

Thanks to its thinness of approx. 1,5mm and its transparent backing unique lightingeffects can be realised if the stonesheet is backlit. Depending on the light colour (warm/cold/coloured) different patterns und structures will appear within the stone while the stone will appear massive without the light.

Translucent can be processed with simple stone- or woodworking tools.

Applications for Translucent:
■ Backlit Lightobjects (Receptions, Bars, Company Signs etc.)
■ Wallcoverings in- and outdoors
■ Wetareas like shower or bathrooms
■ Backsplashes in high stress areas like kitchens
■ Furniture
■ Floorings
■ Facades

Keyfacts for Translucent:

■ 100% natural stone surface
■ total thickness: approx.. 1,5 mm
■ weight: approx. 1,5 kg / m²
■ Backside material: Fiberglass
■ Max. Temperatur: 120°C
■ Flexible Radius: ca. 10 cm

Available standard Sizes:

■ 1.220 x 610 mm
■ 2.400 x 1.200 mm
■ 2.600 x 1.200 mm

We can deliver Slate Lite Translucent in customized sizes on demand. Sizes up to 3.5m x 1.5m are possible.

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Our productline Translucent like all stone veneers from Slate-Lite, has a 100% natural stone surface with low weight and a total thickness of just around 1.5mm. What is special about Translucent: The transparent backing material used on the backing of the stone sheet.
This translucent backing creates unique light effects with a light source behind the stone sheet, allowing for extraordinary backlit objects to be created.

Depending on the type of light used, different effects can be achieved: You can use cold, warm or even colored light to design your individual lighting objecy made of stone.
Let the world shine in a new light and discover how easy it is to bring incredible eye-catchers with backlit stone into your home!


Translucent | Rubigo Grey

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