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For Nigel Coates, light is an art form: starting from this concept, the designer reinterprets ancestral symbols in a perfectly contemporary style, drawing them from the mists of time into the light of modern-day innovation.
This is the origin of the Illuminati collection, a series of lamps in varnished Plainflex® in colours that refer to a very precise universal meaning: Cuore, in a deep crimson red, is a metaphor for loyalty, devotion and passion; Uomo is bronze, indicating ambition, strength and value; Donna is gold: precious source of life.
The lamps focus on the concept of a couple, the symbol of union and complicity, an act of love from which everything else originates.
These dream-like, visionary works succeed in linking remote allegories to advanced technology through a magic play of lights and shadows created with LED lights, lending a touch of mystery and modernity to an intimate setting.
Every time you turn them on, these creations renew a promise of reciprocal faithfulness.