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Flora Copper floor
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Size: Ø 50 x h 170 cm (3 x 8W LED Filament)
Colour: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pewter
Made of: Gold ex®, Steel ex®, Copper ex®, Lenti ex®, Pewter ex® With: Magnetic System and Hand- nished Sphere

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With its delicate, fascinating design, Flora evokes the warmth of the sun reflected on a transparent dandelion of glass.
Its 60 petals, inspired by the leaves of Monstera and the luxurious vegetation in South America, are elegantly arranged around an emerald sphere that emits a gentle, reassuring light.
The petals are a technological magic made of Lentiflex®, a techno-polymer patented by Slamp capable of creating a prism effect thanks to its double Fresnel lens, while the central sphere has a satin-finish to improve its light emission, and an anti-UV treatment to protect its colouring.
Flora is available in three sizes: small (Ø 33cm with one light source), medium (53cm with 3 light sources) and Triple (Ø 33 by h 83cm).
You can also choose from 4 different colours: the cleanliness of white, a mysterious purple, a tranquil blue and a warm yellow.

Reference to the floral world is dominant in the Flora Gold, Silver and Copper collections of the Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine, consisting of 2 suspensions and a new ground version with thin pillars similar to stems. 60 metallic petals similar to those of the plant Monstera Deliciosa bright embrace the satin light diffuser - Anti-UV treated to preserve the color - shaping a bud that has just opened. The glossy finish of the petals creates sophisticated glows in a game of reflections that convey the effect of the sun at its zenith on a field of ripe wheat.