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version 5 rocker timber
version 5 rocker
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Seating-Armchairs >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Lounge chairs >

Product description

Dimensions: in (W x D x H)
61 x 86 x 67 cm | Seat Height: 41 cm

Product variants


limited edition, hand-shaped solid timber frame with saddle leather sling seat and back. custom timber and COL leather options are available. please contact skram for details, specifications and pricing.

Among the new additions to the Skram range, (maybe at the top of the list) is a new
solid timber version of the V5 Rocker, another of Skram’s lauded seating products. Intended as a contract grade alternative to the existing leather sling seat and back version of the rocker, the V5_Timber features a coopered and carved timber seat and a mid-height back with horizontal hand-shaped slats. The solid timber seating surfaces along with mortise-and-tenon joinery and a commercial grade finish make the V5_Timber suitable for use in both residential and high end, high use commercial/ hospitality environments.

Material changes to the V5 also coincide with improvements to the product’s ergonomics and, as with other Skram seating options, a lower price point resulting from advancements in the Company’s technologies of manufacture, making the product accessible to a wider audience.

The V5_Timber retains the characteristic sinuous, muscular stance and graceful visual presence of the original. It is offered in any of Skram’s standard timber options but is also available in an assortment of special timber options for those seeking a one-off iteration.