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Elements rund
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Product description

The »Elements rund«, with its curvaceous 180° door, not only sets the scene perfectly for the play of the flames, but also for the favourite spot in the house. The timeless round stove is ideally suited as a room divider due to its slim silhouette and large viewing window (the combustion chamber can also be optionally rotated). Thanks to the combination of side boxes, which can serve as seats or as shelves with wall-hanging boxes, »Elements« becomes an elegant item of furniture.

Material: steel

Body colour: deep black or platinum optional

Nominal heat output : 6,1 kW

Stove outlet: On top or at the side/at rear (from an element above the combustion chamber possible)

Connection for external combustion air

Certified for room air independant operation (certification by the DIBt, German Insititute for Building technology): for use with a controlled ventilation and venting system (declared)

Storage modul for long lasting heat can be integrated

Burning chamber rotatable by 180°

Storage elements are available in different widths

height (combustion chamber + bow below): 1017mm

Product family


“Elements” – three elements, endless options.

“Elements” is an innovative stove system featuring a building block system that makes a completely new type of stove design possible.

The “Elements” design principle consists of just three elements: The combustion chamber (currently five variations available) and two boxes of different lengths (40 cm and 60.3 cm; special dimensions).

The boxes are open at one end and may be arranged vertically or horizontally above, below, or on the side of the firebox. The result is a timeless stove, e.g. a fireplace with a modern sideboard look or a wood stove connected to a cosy seating corner – everything is possible!

The boxes built onto the side are connected with each other using magnetic technology developed by skantherm. This enables the system to be easily constructed and converted later.

Alternatively, the boxes may be mounted onto the wall. The free-hanging elements give the stove a modern sideboard look.

The high quality boxes of the “Elements” stove are characterised by their sharp edges. Just like the shaded joints between the boxes, this is an important optical element of the models. Flush inset windows (front devices, tunnel), the door handle integrated in the silhouette, and the covered air control slide equally contribute to the purist, timelessly elegant look of these models.

The boxes, which are open on one side, may be used as storage elements, e.g. for holding logs. Boxes with a door (push to open) and drawer elements on the inside are also possible.

The closed boxes may be used to guide flue pipes and fresh air lines. This keeps every connection to the stove invisible, and the stove can also be positioned at the desired location, even if the connection location is further away.

High-quality leather seat cushions in different colours and support trays consisting of dark lacquered wood (optional accessory) underline the comfortable living character of the “Elements” fireplace furniture.

“elements” has advanced to become a classic since its introduction in 2013, and it is regarded as the most successful modular system in European specialist showrooms.

The „Elements“-collection consists of the models:
- „elements“
- „elements 603 front“
- „elements 603 tunnel“
- „elements 400 front“
- „elements round“

Skantherm developed the “elements”-system in collaboration with Prof. Wulf Schneider & Partner. The „elements“ has been awarded the design award, the GOOD DESIGN, iF product design award, German Design Award and the Stahl-Innovationspreis.