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Jeffersson SA-264
Jeffersson chair
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Product description

On the designer Alexander Lerviks’ first sketches for the Jeffersson armchair, it had wooden legs.
So even if we are now updating the series, it really feels like we are just reverting to the original!

Sofa. Legs in oak or ash. Stained as option.
”Jeffersson is one of the product designs that has given me the greatest satisfaction during my career. Its strong graphic expression has a striking simplicity that attracts attention in any setting. And now I can derive even more pleasure from the fact that the time has clearly come to launch Jeffersson exactly as originally conceived, with the wooden legs that I had envisaged in my initial sketches for this design.”

Height: 76 cm
Width: 204 cm
Depth: 78 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
Weight: 47 kg

Product family


A graphical strong form which has turned the regular angels of an easy-chair around and instead created a form wider in the base and narrower on the top.
A graphical wedge-shape creating a function where all people who sit around the table automatically face the shorter side. This contributes to a stronger communion as a group.