Sky: luminous atmosphere

Working in transparency and lightness, with no limits or barriers around you. Glancing freely around the surrounding environment, in search of new vistas and pleasing stimuli. Moving in a luminous, sunny architecture with a perfect balance of privacy and visibility, personalization and simplicity. All this with a modular system that lends itself to endless configurations, combinations and interpretations: Sky, a new vision for the office setting.
Spacious glass that stands side-by-side almost invisibly, creating full-height transparent surfaces. Hinged or sliding doors that fit into a project made up of spaces and views, always with the maximum linearity and purity. Silk-screened surfaces and “living” style curtains, to create situations that are intimate yet luminous. This is the Sky project, in tune with the universe of Sinetica furnishing programmes and with the latest trends in design.
Light and shadow, transparency and colour as complementary parts of the same setting. The glass surfaces can be clad, partially or completely, with panels that are simply positioned using Velcro. The panels may also be self-supporting, for easy creation of any solution: a meeting room, or an operational or management office. There is no limit to the aesthetic, arrangement and functional versatility of Sky.