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Nanofocus with pre-wired base

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In order to fulfill the needs of many professional lighting designers, Simes developed the FOCUS projector range, which comes with all the essential characteristics:
- modern design;
- mechanical strength and resistance to aggressive environments;
- superior optical precision;
- absolute visual comfort;
- excellent light output;
- flexible lighting solutions;
- easy installation and maintenance.
This family of projectors, presented in 5 different dimensions equipped with the latest generation light sources, is now enhanced through the use of LED sources. The FOCUS offers a complete range of solutions for all those applications that require specific and precise lighting performances, from long or short distances.

FOCUS SUSPENSION can also be used for interior spaces.
The reflectors have been studied with cut-off angles like is needed for in-door luminaires.
FOCUS SUSPENSION has IP66 protection fundamental in environments with high humidity levels, like swimming-pools.

Energy saving and visual comfort are the main characteristics of FOCUS LED POLE, a pole-top luminaire that combines robustness, clean cut design and user friendly features.
The efficient LED light sources are specifically designed for visual comfort in pedestrian areas, parks, and cycle paths.