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MODULES LED 3000K 230V CRI 90 MacAdam step 3
Rated luminaire luminous flux: 1019lm
Rated input power: 16W
Luminaire efficacy: 64lm/W
Electronic ballast 220÷240V 0/50/60Hz
CE - ENEC 03

Fixture available with integral DALI driver on request with surcharge.

Projector. IP rating IP 65
Die-cast EN AB-47100 aluminium housing with high corrosion resistance.
Stone wash surface treatment prior to painting process. A4 grade Stainless Steel screws with 2,5-3% molybdenum content which increases the resistance against corrosion. Silicone gaskets. Painting Process : 3 Step Process
1) Surface treatment with BONDERITE. A heavy metal free chemical surface treatment containing ceramic nano particles giving a cohesive, inorganic and highly dense protective coating. 2) PRE POLYMERIZATION a process of introducing an epoxy primer with excellent characteristics to the paint which also offers very high resistance to oxidation due to its Zinc content. 3) POLYMERIZATION a process with the application of polyester powder with high resistance against UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Resistance test protection for Marine applications for 1200h. Mechanical resistance IK 06
The special joint guarantees total freedom in directing the light beam: the luminaire is able to rotate on three different axes. Clear toughened glass. LOR --
The tempered front glass diffuser is fixed externally to the fitting through silicon resin, perfectly flush with the front ring. Water and dirt deposits that can disturb the lighting performance of the projector can easily flow away. The special double joint
guarantees total freedom in directing the light beam: the luminaire is able to rotate on three different axes. The pre-wired connecting wall plaquette and its fast connector make the installation and maintenance process quick, easy and safe. Versions for pole installation: Thanks to the special anchor base the luminaire can be fixed to new or existing poles of diameter of no less than 60 mm. Megakeen projector in standard version can be directly fixed to poles of diameter min ø 60 mm and max ø 300 mm without requiring any flange or bracket. Installation is carried out by making two holes (Ø 12 mm) in the pole: one for the fixing screw a one for the supply cable.
MICROKEEN supplied with a 1,5m pre-wired H05RN-F (1,0 MINIKEEN , 0,3m KEEN) cable and fast connector. KEEN e MINIKEEN pole mounted supplied with 6m pre-wired H05RN-F cable. Isolation: CLASS II . Available colours: White (cod.01), Aluminium grey (cod.14). Weight: 2 Kg Glow Wire test: --
L.E.D circuit included.
This luminaire contains built-in LED modules with energy class: A, A+, A++. In case of damage or malfunction please contact the manufacturer to receive additional instructions on how to replace and relative spare parts to order. The LED modules cannot be handled in the luminaire by the end user (Regulation UE 874/2012).
LED circuit boards are engineered accordingly to actual Lumen Maintenance regulation (LM80) and Technical Memorandum (TM21) where uniformity and quality of light is 50.000 hours referred to L70 B20 Ta 25°C.Lifecycle refers to LED circuit boards only, all others components of the luminaire are excluded.

EMERGENCY VERSIONS The fittings operates both on AC ( 50/60Hz ) and DC ( 0Hz ) voltage.

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Keen represents the evolution of outdoor lighting projectors. A special double joint allows the projector to take infinite positions for different light effects. Its minimal design makes it suitable for a wide range of architectural project applications. Available in four sizes, Keen is engineered with the most advanced LED technology and different optical solutions, ensuring a performing light effect and energy saving characteristics.