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Room Divider / Cubicle Track System SG 1085
Room Divider | Cubicle Track Systems
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Room divider and shower rail system.

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Cubicle track systems are best known for their use in multi-bed hospital wards these systems have numerous other applications including as shower rails, in surgery and other health separation areas and as industrial separation and overhead tracking. They offer total flexibility at reasonable cost and can be curved or formatted to virtually any requirement Fitting can be to the wall or ceiling or both. Stability is designed in, made-to-measure. Efficient, smooth and quiet operation: the curtain can move all around the track with no impediment due to its skilful design. Long- lasting and maintenance free.

High grade nylon and precision-engineered rust-free siliconized aluminium are used - still the most efficient combination in the world. Meant to be bent by design.

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