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Kaltio Panel Mix
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Product description

Siinne Kaltio Panel Set design is an environmentally friendly product with a very small carbon footprint. The main material of the Kaltio Panel is peat moss (80%) from pure nordic ecological resources of swampy nature which makes it the best sound absorption Class-A.

The material is lightweight, completely safe, healthy and antibacterial for indoor air. The diameter of the elements are 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1200 mm and the thickness is 20 mm. Because of the natural material, there are small variations of color tones and the unevenness of the surface. The Kaltio Panel Set exudes peace and tranquility to it’s surroundings.

SIINNE Product Features and Specification Summary:

Product specs:
You can choose on the panel the print from the finnish rock called “värikallio” “the Color Rock” picture by Nina/Tilaflow or the paint color
Diameter of the bigger panel is 400 mm (15,45") and the smaller 300 mm (11,81”)
Thickness 20 mm (0,78”)
Material peat moss 80%, 20% polyester
Best Class A industry sound absorption standard (EN ISO 354 & EN ISO 11654)
Fire Class Material 1: B d0s3 and Material 2: E (EN ISO 11925-2)
Thermal conductivity 0,037 W/mK (standard EVS-EN 12667)
The sandy grey shade of the natural peat material gleams a little bit through all colors. This is more visible in lighter tones.

Product Features:
Eco friendly
Sound absorbent
Anti Bacterial for in-doors
Brings positive feelings to interiors or exterior space
Improve to a better surrounding atmosphere
Exudes peace and tranquility
Easy to combine with the Siinne Kaltio Lamp
Siinne Kaltio Panel set consists of:
2 pieces of circle shape panels, bigger with print and smaller with paint
Wall mounting for both panels, one hole for screw behind each panel (does’t include the screws)
All colors in pictures are indicative.

Product family


“The sunlight goldens the autumn leaves, building a bridge over the creek, warming the pine to a reddish brown.” Kaltio family by Siinne is created for you in mind, to fulfill the needs for the surrounding beauty and the sound absorbent in public space and private homes. Kaltio is for everyone's interior lighting desires to beautify their space. The Kaltio family includes circle-shaped panels and circle shaped lamps. You can make a beautiful composition by combining them with our stone print and plain colored ones.