Product description

aluminum, polycarbonate clear, glass

Mid power LED

Ø 235 mm

Product family


LID is a discreet design object during the day.
As soon as LID is turned on, however, it morphs into spherical light. The fine aura of light that emanates through the circular disc creates a special accent and sets it off from the surrounding shining light. LID truly appears almost to float.

Examples of applications:
In rows, in a group or as a single luminaire.
For accentuation of walls in private homes, hotels, stairwells, bars, restaurants or corridors.

The front disc is available in four different versions: genuine opal glass, silver-colored or champagne-colored aluminum, or mirror glass. Powerful LEDs are located behind it, shedding even wide-angle light on the wall right round. At the same time, the glass edge reflects the light, giving rise to the characteristic line of light. LID stands out visually from its back- grounds and generates a pleasant, calm light mood.