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Once again, the close cooperation between SELLEX and the Studio Lievore Altherr Molina, surprises us with a light and smart aesthetic. SLAM Chairs pro- gram allows to combine different shells and frames by keeping a unique aesthetic in the equipment of the different spaces at the same building. SLAM family keeps growing thanks to the continuous collaboration between SELLEX and Lievore Altherr Molina Studio. On this occasion, we introduce the last incorporations to the program: SLAM seating beam, SLAM High Chair, SLAM seating beam, SLAM chair seat padding, SLAM chair front padding, New shells in textured wood.

3D WOOD(A): American Oak Plywood previously treated to be bent in three dimensions. 7 mm Thickness and rounded edges.
2D WOOD(B): Beech plywood 11 mm thickness.
POLYPROPYLENE(A): Polypropylene shell with further 15% formed fiberglass and thickness according to requirements. Rounded edge all along the perimeter 7 mm thick.
UPHOLSTERED(A): Upholstered polypropylene shell with further 15% fiberglass with 10 mm thick foam and 45 kg/m3 density.
Frame composed of two sides of inyected aluminium L-2630 quality, joined by two oval section in pickled steel ST-37 quality of 25x14x1,5 mm.
Packaging unit: 4 chairs per box
Box dimensions: Aprox. 66x69x98 cm
Polypropylene chair: 5,5 kg
3D WOOD chair: 5,2 kg
2D WOOD chair: 6,2 kg
Upholstered chair: 5,9 kg