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Polyester powder coated aluminium
Polyester powder coated aluminium
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IGP-Dura Xal - 8% Gloss

Product description
This premium PE (polyester) powder coating mimics the appearance of an anodised aluminium finish. Anodising, an integral surface treatment, currently can not be achieved in white at an architectural scale.
Due to a high level of production control, areas of thicker paint at the edges and corners or the ‘orange peel’ texture usually associated with powder coating are minimised. PE coatings are a more cost effective option than PVDF coatings but not as durable.
Baked at low temperatures, it is an energy efficient coating technology suitable for interior and exterior applications. Large panels, curves and complex forms can be easily coated.
UV stable and highly weather resistant, its performance can be tailored to meet the demands of particular applications and a variety of degrees of gloss can be specified.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding

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