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Polyester coil coated aluminium
Polyester coil coated aluminium
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Eurabuild PE

Product description
The PE (Polyester) coil coating process employed here gives a uniform coating layer with complete consistency. There are no areas of thicker paint at the edges and corners, or the orange peel texture associated with powder coating. It is more economical than both powder coating and PVDF coil coating processes, though not as durable as a PVDF finish.
A high level of production control and all processes being carried out in-house gives an excellently homogenous surface. Consistency between batches is ensured through strictly controlled factory conditions.
UV stable and highly weather resistant, its performance can be tailored to meet the demands of particular applications.
Coated prior to forming, the edges of the metal substrate are not covered and will remain visible, unlike powder coating.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding

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