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Caliza Luna limestone, honed
Caliza Luna limestone, honed
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Materials/Finishes-Natural stone >


Tino Stone
Caliza Luna ‘Honed’

Product description
Caliza Luna is a pure white oolitic Spanish limestone with a fine grain. Its predictable consistency and figuring means that specifying a narrow range selection is less difficult and less expensive than with other natural stones.
It is highly durable with an extremely long in-service life. High porosity and absorption means a sealant applied to the surface of the stone is required to maintain long-term colour quality and a clean surface appearance, especially in external applications.
Caliza luna is available in a range of finishes, particularly suited to a textured surface, however, the density of the stone means that it can not be polished.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding
• Internal flooring

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