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Aluminium composite, polyester coil coated
Aluminium composite, polyester coil coated
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Reynobond Duragloss 5000 Mica

Product description
This aluminium composite panel has extreme flatness and excellent rigidity. Its PE (polyester) coil coated surface gives a high level of colour consistency and ensures even coverage, superior to standard powder coating technologies. Performance is otherwise similar to powder coating.
Mica inclusions in the coating create a dynamic colour changing appearance.
It is a light weight product with excellent stiffness and strength to weight ratio. Available in large panel widths (up to 2m), it can be easily fabricated and formed in to curved surfaces.
Inherently fire resistant, a proprietary ‘self-cleaning’ photocatalytic coating can be applied to reduce maintenance requirements.
The aluminium skin contains 90% post consumer recycled content, it can be fully recycled by melting the components for reprocessing.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding
• Signage

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