Key facts

5mm Crystallised glass ceramic
5mm Crystallised glass ceramic
selected by Materials Council
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United Kingdom


Nippon Electric Glass
Blanc-Neige ‘White Luster’

Product description
The physical composition of this crystallised glass ceramic differs from traditional glass products but has a similar appearance to a bodied colour glass, which is not commonly available in white.
It is highly durable, scratch and abrasion resistant with a full bodied colour. It has a crisp white surface appearance unlike the depth associated with glass coloured on the rear face or by an interlayer. Opaque in appearance, when backlit the product demonstrates a unique translucent quality.
Its extremely low porosity makes it easy to maintain and also gives high resistance to corrosion, both chemical and weathering, offering a long lasting gloss retention.
Compared to other glass products, it is available in more limited panel sizes and is of a higher cost.

Intended applications
• External envelope/spandrel panels
• Internal cladding/backsplashes
• Work surfaces/transactional surfaces