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Meeting place with room-in-room feeling: Sedus “sopha”

Movement and changing posture are essential for healthy office work. Even in the online age, direct conversation is still the most important and the most efficient way to communicate. Sedus “sopha” was specifically developed to support face-to-face communication in the office. A number of developments that will be presented at Orgatec 2014 complete the programme.

Whether confidential conversations, informal exchange or spontaneous team meetings – Sedus “sopha” creates spaces in the room. It is a comfortable upholstered seating system with clear, elegant styling and many design options. In terms of design it is comparable with a business suit: elegant, discreet and versatilely combinable. It renders equally outstanding service in representative reception areas, the executive suite or in the central zones of communication of open space offices. A new feature is the use as a workplace for secluded meetings with an integrated table and optional electrical connection and mobile phone charging station. A stable central cushion designed as loose upholstery is equally suitable for zoning and as an armrest when working with mobile devices and laptops. A new direction of the seam lines makes the overall styling of “sopha” even more distinctive. The modular system created by the design team speziell® can be flexibly configured. In the central zones of offices the elements have a structuring effect, in executive suites they form islands for discussions, and in team areas they become a place to withdraw to. Single or multi- seater, open or screened off – thanks to the range of variations whole landscapes can be planned. The combination of basic element, corner and add-on back in medium and high versions allows versatile designs suitable for any office.

With the expansion of the lounge programme, Sedus presents two new fabric collections for this application for the first time: a consistently two-tone woollen fabric and a collection in Trevira CS quality. Carcass, add-on elements and cushions can be plain coloured or combined in various colours. Matching coffee tables in various designs serve as a place to put things and make the sopha ensemble really homely. The widths of the single, two and three seater are: 720 mm, 1440 mm, 2160 mm. The height with a normal backrest height is 750 mm, and with an add-on element it is 1150 mm. The actual seat height, which is also relevant for the side elements, is 430 mm.