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Modern space demands flexibility, in which furniture receives new meaning. In neutral spaces, furniture must create atmosphere whilst being multifunctional. Our first piece from this new generation of furniture is an aluminium cylinder, a moveable column within a room. Its potential is hidden. It has the capacity to create instant space. One pull of the handle reveals a two-sided screen (2 x 4 meters), transparent and yet solid.
INSTANT SPACE can be used as a screen, a dividing wall, or an exhibition board – it transforms the room. It provides an all in one solution to our contemporary needs, allowing for several uses yet taking up a minimum of space. The screen may be pulled out from the freestanding column in various lengths of up to ca. 4 metres for the large version and up to ca. 3 metres for the small version, requiring no further support as shown in the picture below. The screen is double layered, allowing each side to be individually fitted. The screen of the basic model is made of a high-grade synthetic fabric. Optionally, it can be printed individually or fitted with a special material suitable for high definition projection. The surface of the column is made of powder coated aluminium and is available in basic colour Whitealuminium and Traffic white. Other colours are available upon request. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Ø 25 cm x B 380 cm x H 212 cm
Ø 25 cm x B 290 cm x H 164 cm