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Eikon Circus Bamboo Burgundy
Eikon Circus
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Eikon Circus Burgundy is a perfect addition to the Eikon collection. The burgundy-coloured lampshade in combination with the bamboo wood base can be ideally combined with other models of the Eikon family.

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Eikon Circus is the latest addition to the Eikon family and of all versions it has the strongest association to the classic industrial light. Eikon Circus is an ideal go-between the different shapes of the Eikon Basic and Eikon Shell, with its medium size it is a perfect complementation of the Eikon collection. The shape of the shade evokes memories of a traditional circus tent. An impression, which is enhanced by the pureness of the classy shade "White" or elegant harmonious colouring with "Pale Rose", "Peacock" and "Burgundy", bringing back elements of nostalgia.

Due to its clear lines and the combination of a metal shade with the warm wooden materiality of the base, the light has a modern, contemporary expression which is characteristic of the Eikon collection. As an individual expressive light object or impressively arranged in a group of several colour combinations, it offers countless options for interior decoration and can be used in a domestic environment as well as in contract projects for public spaces.

Eikon is made of certified wood and a lampshade that is attached simply with the help of magnets. The wooden socket of the lamp constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. The lampshade, made of steel or silicone and available in two different sizes, forms a perfect contrast with its vibrant colors or with its elegant and reflecting surface. With the magnetic connecting system, the lampshade can be changed with little effort for another color, shape or material which can be easily attached to the wooden base.