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Schindler 3400
Schindler 3400
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An impressive elevator ride. Our highly flexible passenger elevator for residential and buildings.

Perfect for residential and office buildings.
If you need an elevator for a building with up to 21 stops that offers top performance and an attractive look, the Schindler 3400 is the answer. This highly flexible elevator was designed specifically for residential and office buildings.

Modular structure.
The Schindler 3400 was developed with consistent system engineering and maximum standardization in mind. The result is a modular passenger elevator based on state-of-the-art prefabricated components. Naturally, this system does not require a machine room - unless you want one, of course.

Optimal size.
The Schindler 3400 saves and optimally utilizes valuable space in the building. Thanks to variable specifications, we can provide the largest possible car.

The elevator complies with all relevant statutory safety and fire-protection requirements and standards. The Schindler 3400 is highly energy efficient, which keeps operating costs down. You will notice the difference.

Custom-made for you.
You select the high-quality car interior of your choice and combine colors and materials to suit your needs. We also offer especially attractive glass cars to ensure that the elevator meets your expectations, inside and outside.