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Say O Bench
Say O Bench
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Product description

Dimension (Short 3-Seats):
W170,0 x D53,0 x H84,0 cm, seat height 46,5 cm
Dimension (Medium 4-Seats):
W230,0 x D53,0 x H84,0 cm, seat height 46,5 cm
Dimension (Long 5-Seats):
W290,0 x D53,0 x H84,0 cm, seat height 46,5 cm

Product family


This Say O Bench has the same chair shell as the Say O Basic chair and it is made out of natural wood material of either oak, ash or beech. The Say O Bench seats are manufactured with the newest 3D veneer production technique. When you sit in this chair you will immediately experience an extraordinary comfort feels with an incredible backrest support due to the designers being successful in exploiting the 3D veneer capabilities to its’ fullest potential.
The Say O Bench has passed the most demanding stress tests which makes it applicable for use in public spaces. The Say O Bench can be delivered in a variety of different standard colors of natural wood (beech, ash or oak), white, black and for large projects colors may be custom chosen. The Say O Bench seats are also made available with an optional seat cushion with a custom choice of cushion fabric.
The Say O Bench is a part of the Say O product family with the characteristic backrest cutout which is essentially the Say O chair DNA. The Say O Bench will work really well in many public places where you find public halls such as malls, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, airports or waiting rooms etc. The Say O Bench also work really well with the rest of the Say O products line considering the bench design is true to the Say O design DNA.
This Say O Bench is available in three different lengths of Short 3-Seats, Medium 4-Seats and Long 5-Seats.