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Vía Augusta
Vía Augusta
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This bench is an outdoor wooden and steel sofa and a counterpoint to the accelerated life of the city. It is a point for meditation and contemplation and a comfortable and peaceful place. It is a piece of furniture for city areas which provides a pause for the passer-by.

The Roman empire was based on the structure of the city. This was the nucleus for the domination of the whole area which was then considered the known universe. A conquest was inseparable from the foundation of cities in places where there had been none, or from the restructuring and beautifying of urban structures which had been created centuries before. They thus created a constellation of cities, interconnected by a road system.

The splendour of their cities was due to the city notables. In testimony of their commitment to the public and to enhance their personal prestige, they assumed the function of attending to many of the public’s needs. These included the distribution of wheat and wine, the heating of public baths, the organisation of games, cleaning, lighting and the proper conditioning of the streets.

The Vía Augusta bench is the urban furnishing which best reflects the Latin air of the city. Its noble sweeping shape fits in with the monumental nature and dignity of Roman civil architecture and, in turn, provides a comfortable area and deal seclusion for citizens for whom leisure was a way of life .

It is a wooden and steel bench made in ergonomic, sweeping shapes and with a domestic appearance. It is designed for urban areas of an intimate and unhurried nature, but manufactured with materials and a structure which are designed to withstand high mechanical stress and inclement weather.

The Vía Augusta bench legs are steel platens, the seat is ergonomic and the arms and wooden head are in a horizontal «U» shape. It is a bench which encourages rest and reading and the contemplation of street life. It comes in two sizes; a single chair and a three-seat bench.

The legs and strip joint sections are made in zinc-coated steel oven-painted in iron-black. The seat and backrest are made of strips and the arm rest surrounded by a board, are all in solid red pine wood with high-pressure treated. The strip fastening screws are in A2 stainless steel. The bench is delivered assembled. Assembly instructions are provided with the bench.