Key facts

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A versatile boundary marker that structures access points and pathways, discretely illuminating the space at various heights, as required, and combining warmth and durability with great elegance.

Technical Specifications 
Its straightforward nature and constructive clarity make the SKYLINE bollard a useful piece in both public urban and private spaces. It can also be customised with high luminosity reflective paint or commercial logotypes.
The mechanical torsion of the SKYLINE bollard makes it highly resistant and the LED modules afford a long useful life without maintenance.

Materials and finishes
Bent steel sheet structure with anticorrosive protection and painted.
Inner reflector made of steel with anticorrosive protection and painted white.
Heat sink made of anodised extruded aluminium.
Stainless steel screws.

Fitted with LED technology module. 10W – 8LED (3000K, 350mA)

Installation and maintenance
Delivered assembled.
To install, the 15 cm base is embedded in a hole drilled in the road surface and filled with epoxy resin, fast-drying cement or similar.
Installation instructions are included.
LED technology minimises functional maintenance of the luminaire.

35cm: 5kg
80cm: 10kg