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Set Portes
Set Portes
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This solid but lightweight table consists of an aluminium foot and a slatted top. The Set Portes web page explains that the restaurant was just a simple café from 1836 until the time of the 1929 Universal Exposition. Since then, the owners have changed but they have always respected the restaurant?s history and its culinary tradition. The building which houses Set Portes was once considered the best address in town and pioneered the introduction of many modern conveniences. It was Barcelona?s first building to be equipped with running water and gas. It boasted the first electrically lighted sign and was even the first building in Spain to be photographed.

During a recent renovation the owners commissioned a table design. It was to have a very solid base in order to avoid wobbling or shaking and was to be light and easy to handle. The design solution consists of a lightweight aluminium pole and a perforated wheel-shaped base to ensure stability and reduce weight. The top consists of wooden slats fixed to two thin metal platens.

The Set Portes is a solid table, weatherproof and impervious to spills. Its practical design embodies the restaurant?s philosophy: it is a table that will withstand the ravages of time, just as the restaurant has done. The versatile Set Portes is a table that will survive whatever the future may bring.

Wooden top
Cast aluminium base
Stainless steel pole
75 x 75 x H 73 cm
85 x 85 x H 73 cm