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Simple, very versatile urban streetlamp dresses variable modules LED, with elegance and restraint.

Technical Specifications 
Like Mary Quant’s famous miniskirt, the POLIS streetlamp dresses a 2 or 4 module LED light with elegance and restraint. Once again, less is more.
The POLIS structure can hold modules of varying size, strength and optics, with the option to incorporate a variety of diffusers or screens to customise its appearance and to control luminous flux: its miniskirts. It also reserves space to allow for the incorporation of urban electronics to improve performance and control of lighting POLIS can adapt to any column diameter, so obsolete lamps can be changed without the need to replace the existing columns.

Materials and finishes
The entire unit is made of bent steel with anti-rust protection and painted.

LED modules:
2 modules: 40W-32LED (3000K,350mA)
4 modules: 80W-64ED (3000K,350mA)

Installation and maintenance
The luminaire is delivered in two components: column and luminaire.
The column is embedded using a concrete cube made on-site and anchor bolts, 20 cm below the pavement surface.
A groove must be made for wiring.
The template and anchor bolts are supplied with the column.
LED technology minimises functional maintenance of the luminaire.

2 modules: 12 Kg
4 modules: 15 Kg