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Pictorial pavements | Vassily Kandinsky
Pictorial pavements
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Series of four pavements which pay homage to four 20th century artists who changed out perception of image: Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian and Vassily Kandinsky.
Originating from the series of pictorial tree grids, Antoni Roselló developed these pavements with the aim of incorporating art into urban life through a basic urban element.

Materials and finishes
Hydraulic tiles manufactured in double-layer concrete for outdoor use, with anti-slip face side based on relief figures composed of limestone and silica aggregates, agglomerated with cement and marble and silica sand. The thickness of the imprint layer of the pieces is 18mm. The blend is with addition of water repellents which equip it with a minimum absorption, thus increasing its resistance to frost, and provide it with an optimal response to ageing.
These pieces are defined as concrete tiles and manufactured to standard UNE 127023 EX:1999.
Square pieces of 20 x 20 cm and 4 cm thick, in grey (cement), black or red.
Minimum order of 96 m2 for the versions in black or red.
They are delivered on pallets of 16 m2 (400 pieces).

They are installed on a layer of cement mortar CEM II/A-P 32, 5R and river sand 1/6 (M-40), 30 to 50mm thick, perfectly levelled, previously sprinkling pure cement on it.
To improve the adherence of the pieces it is recommended to dampen the element before installing it. Once the pieces are in place, abundant water is poured on them. The surface must be vibrated with a vibrating roller machine and then the surface is cleaned with abundant water. Every 6m it is recommended to leave an expansion joint which will penetrate the whole thickness of the bonding mortar and the base layer.

Does not require maintenance.