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“On considering our first garden lamp we did not want to abandon the warmth of an ambient light, that is we did not want to simply limit ourselves to a beacon to mark a path. So we perforated the top part so that it would also project a zenithal light, as if sprinkling the night vision with fireflies. We wanted to go beyond big gardens and for it to also fulfil its purpose in porches or small terraces,
discreetly lighting up the night.
The choice of LED as the light source was almost obligatory: low consumption, long duration, and the possibility to channel the light to solve two types of lighting with a single source, a position light, which is projected Howard the ground, and another which takes advantage of the residual light to discreetly illuminate the night sky, with a note of green or amber colour depending on the colour
of the plastic cover.
The base consists of a stake which is driven directly into soft ground. Another two versions have also been developed, one for domestic spheres, which allows the lamp to be placed on hard ground both indoors and outside, and another for installations, with three fastening points, which can be embedded or on the surface. Everyone can thus choose the height of the shaft, the colour of the cover and the type of base”.

Tecnical specifications:
Recycled and recyclable.
Shaft in black painted aluminium and casing in an innovative high-quality recycled and recyclable plastic, with high resistance to the weather and to ultraviolet rays.
The diffusers are coloured transparent plastic, with high resistance to ultraviolet rays.
Water paint is used, without the need for Chemicals solvents.
All the pieces fit together without the need for screws.
Three heights: 99 cm, 55 cm and 33 cm.
Upper cover colours: green and amber.
The light source is a module of 3 LEDs powered at 350 mAh.
Its working life is a minimum 40,000 hours.
3 W power per module (light source).
Warm colour temperature, of 2700 K.

Composition of the system:
– Mobile domestic version with stake to drive into soft ground. Optional: base with support for the lamp on hard ground.
– Version with fixed base for outdoor projects. Presented with three fastening points and a connection system with strip which allows fast and simple installation.

Energy Class: A++/A