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This is a young bench which may be used in several ways. It is the only one with a solid backrest which is sufficiently wide to sit on comfortably.

The Moon bench plays with a rhythmical alternation of horizontal and vertical planes. It is like a mere fold of wood, creating a piece of furniture with straight angles and forceful shapes. Because it is a modular unit, it clarifies and organises complex outside scenarios, giving them dignity and a note of good taste.

«We wanted a simple and common wooden bench, with cast iron legs which could fit in with traditional designs. We practised with designs similar to this one, trying to combine benches with and without backrests that would form groups and invite people to sit and chat. We are pleased that it looks like a wooden blanket draped over already existing supports.»
(Enric Batlle and Joan Roig)

This bench is made of wood and cast iron. It is solid, simple and common and has architectural shapes. It is designed for sitting on, with or without a backrest, and may be combined to provide meeting areas. Its simplicity gives rise to frank and clear dialogue. It is a unit which tends to functionality and versatility. The result is a forceful and atypical bench for large spaces and city parks.

Grey FG-22 cast iron legs protected by cataphoresis and coated in black forged Oxiron paint. The sections joining the strips to the legs are in steel and finished in black forged Oxiron paint.

Seat and backrest are made of solid natural missanda wood strips of 45 x 45mm, with variable lengths and 45 x 200mm finishes. The strip fastening screws are in A2 stainless steel.

The bench is delivered disassembled in two parts. One of these is the support structures and the other is the seat, with or without the backrest. Assembly instructions come with the bench .

Anchorage is done using 1 steel bolt, treated with Dracomet (a functional anti-corrosion agent) which is introduced into the hole which has previously been made in each leg and by filling with Epoxi resin, quick-setting Portland or similar substance.

It does not require functional maintenance, except if the original colour of the wood is to be preserved.