Product description

Technical information:
Natural birch wood strips.
Stainless steel inner structure.
White metallic circular ceiling plate.
Leonardo 60: 3 Kg / 6.6 lb
Leonardo 100: 3,7 kg / 8.2 lb

Recommended light sources:
LED bulb: 15 W
Compact fluorescent: 20 W
Incandescent: Max. 150 W
E27 - E26 (Max. hgt. 155 mm / 6.1")


Thin slats of birch wood knotted to a stainless steel frame envelop the source of light lending it depth and voluminous class. In terms of its shape, it is reminiscent of the large Scandinavian lamps with wooden slats; however, it bears all the freshness of the Mediterranean with the appearance of a tagliatelle knot. A tireless, serene, beautiful and highly ingenious surprise.