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Named as a tribute to Vassily Kandinsky, it is part of the pictorial pavement series, functional items that integrate art into the streets of the city.

Antoni Roselló developed these tree grids with the aim of incorporating art seamlessly into city life, as functional and not as alien objects. They are a tribute to those contemporary artists who have changed our perception of the image. Antoni Roselló has transferred a scheme inspired by Kandinsky's symbols and signs to the non-specialist and living urban environment, where the public can enjoy art in totally different surroundings. The grating for a tree, for example, has turned our pavements into a space for artistic expression. The materials chosen to create the tree grade are highly durable and age well, characteristics that highlight their expressiveness. This element fulfils the function of protecting the hollow made by the tree and protecting the tree form the city, delimiting the boundary between the tree and the city pavement, whilst complementing it. The Vassily satisfies the need to incorporate symbolic criteria into street furniture provides an iconographic value to urban space and contributes to the identity of the city.

The tree grid consists of two or four equal pieces of sandblasted cast iron without any later treatment. The tree grids measures 148 x 148 cm and 98 x 98 cm. It is delivered disassembled. Assembly instructions are included. Hot galvanised steel frame. No maintenance required.

98 x 98 cm / 148 x 148 cm: 72 kg / 172 kg.