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The Fontana wastebasket is both a functional and aesthetic and its shape reveals its function. Its large circular opening invites people to deposit their waste and the container is a transition between the round mouth and the support line on the pavement.

Antoni Arola approached the creation of this wastebasket as a formal task. He wanted a container that would encourage people to deposit something inside, a wastebasket whose appearance would make people aware of this function: an organically-shaped stomach, able to hold paper and waste.

The wide circular opening ends in a line so that the container is the transition between circle and line. The linear base has the advantage of optimising space and making supporting legs unnecessary.

This ergonomically shaped is solid and capacious, and is a small tribute to Franc Fontana, a Frenchman who collaborated with Arola’s studio. It is made from cast aluminium, that can be painted as desired and, together with the stinless steel frame, gives impeccable performance in the urban environment.

Its profile bringd to mind a wine glass. The body is formed by joining two elements. The Italian-style opening to one side allows it to be emptied easily. This type of construction allows it to be available either floor standing (double) or wall-mounted (a single component), making it apt for instalation in any setting.

Both parts of the container are made from warped cast aluminium and finished with Oxiron-type paint. The frame consists of sandblasted stainless steel profiles. The wastebasket can accept both plastic bags and polyethylene containers. It includes a ring to make securing a plastic bag easier. The rotary –moulded polyethylene container may be single o double, for selective collection. It can be fitted with a lid. The structure is sunk into the pavement and anchored by means of four bolts per leg. The item is supplied fully assembled and packaged. Assembly instructions are included with the wastebasket.

Floor.standing Fontana: 50 litres
Wall-Mounted Fontana: 28 litres