Product description

Floor lamp
Max. 100 W 230 V E 27. Dimmer

Energy Class: A ++/ A /B / C / D / E

Product family


The FAD was designed for the first offices of Barcelona’s Decorative Arts Association. A solid wengue wood structure with a hollowed-out central section serves as a shaft for a white linen shade. The hollow section is closed off by the cross-pieces of the base.

The FAD is a blend of the solid and the hollow, the black African wood and the luminous white of the linen shade, sobriety and elegance. The base stretches out towards the four points of the compass without unnecessary drama or tension: it is a cross which rises towards the light, simple and basic, reaching upward in vertical symmetry.

Designed for the offices of Barcelona’s Foment de les Arts Decoratives (FAD), this lamp soon became a cultural statement.

The central wengue wood stand is particularly ingenuous: having cut the cylindrical block of wengue in four sections, Miguel Milá hollowed out the central section almost up to its upper tip. The metal tube allowing the shade to be adjusted for height and the lamp’s wiring are housed in this tube. The central hollow is closed off by the cross-pieces of the base.

Milá played up the aesthetic qualities, the sensual contrast of the two materials comprising this lamp: the wengue wood stand, textured, grained and firm, and the linen shade, subtle and almost ethereal.

The FAD is also available in a smaller version with a set height, making it ideal for table tops. Both models are equipped with dimmers.

Although Milá was not influenced by the lamp’s inherent symbolism, there is no doubt that it exists: a crossroad, the early cross, the intersection of active and passive, mind and matter.