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The Estadio hanging lamp is a powerful ring of light made of glass blocks, that blazes with and projects light. It has been installed in such distinguished settings as the Olympic Stadium and the Diocesan Museum of Vic. The metallic structure evokes the old mediaeval iron lights.

The first version of this lamp was installed in the new Barcelona Regional Government building. Later, on a larger scale, under the name Anella, it illuminated the Olympic Ring and Montjuic Stadium. Resized to its present format, it was used for the first time in the main room of the Vic Diocesan Museum.

A tubular structure creates the frame of this ring of light. Glass block sections cover the inside and outside of the structure. The glass blocks break up the luminous beam, creating vertical striations of light and shade.

Suspended from three stainless steel cables, it imposes its presence in large open spaces. The tube structure is finished in sprayed tinted zinc, which gives it a rough texture and protects it against rust. Eighteen incandescent bulbs make up the light source of this powerful ring of light. It comes in two sizes: 150 and 250 cm diameter.

The remote forerunner of the Estadio lamp can be found in the old iron lights on which candles were placed and which evoke the image of the mediaeval chandeliers of palaces and cathedrals. Its most recent precedent can be found in 1899, with the Adolfo Loos lamp for the main salon of the Cafe Museum in Vienna.

Energy Class: A ++/ A /B / C / D / E