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Product description

An urban street lamp to light large roads with basic, matching shapes, designed to be seen from the road as a homogeneous and integrated part of the urban landscape.
The luminaire neatly contains the optical and electrical fittings. Its high energy-efficiency and adjustable light distribution lamp setting minimises light pollution. Its environmental and innovative qualities have been enhanced throughout the design, manufacturing and marketing process.
The Candela street lamp has been specially designed to share the same space, and even the same column, as the Rama street lamp.

Materials and finishes
The luminaire unit comprises three parts: the oval-shaped luminaire body, a rectangular-section arm in various lengths, and the column clamp.
The body is made of recycled and recyclable aluminium. Base and cap in injected aluminium with a grey powder paint finish. Tempered glass cover.
The two standard arm sizes (75 or 150 cm) adjust the distance between luminaire and column, making it easy to adapt to nearby trees.
Extruded aluminium means that the arm can be adjusted to up to 300 cm, at which a point a reinforcing strut is required.
Cylindrical column clamp of 127 mm (compatible with the Rama column family).
Columns of 8.20 m, 10.20 m, and 12.20 m high with two circular tube sections measuring Ø 168 mm at the bottom and Ø 127 mm at the top. The columns are made of galvanised steel with a grey paint finish.

Optical unit with light distribution comprising reflector of deep drawn high purity aluminium (Al1085) with anodised gloss finish and flat tempered glass diffuser, 5 mm thick.
The lamp position can be adjusted to alter the light distribution, according to the characteristics of the road:
• Position -1: Asymmetric optics
• Position 0: Road optics
• Position +1: Type II optics
• Electrical fittings

The luminaire can house metal halide or high-pressure sodium (max. 400 W) discharge lamps. Two-level equipment can also be provided.

150 I 250 I 400 W MH (HIT-CE E40)
150 I 250 I 400 W HPSV (HST-MF E40).

Installation and maintenance
Delivered in four parts: luminaire; arm and rear clamp; front clamp and screws; and column.
The column is embedded using a concrete cube made on-site and anchor bolts, 20 cm below the pavement surface. A groove must be made for wiring. The template and anchor bolts are supplied with the column.
The lamp is replaced easily and quickly without the need for tools.
The body is opened by a double-effect cover on the front of the luminaire, and a piston holds open the cap.

1 luminaire with medium arm and clamp
22.5 Kg.
Steel columns
8.20m > 140 Kg.
10.20 m > 170.5 Kg.
12.20 m > 204 Kg.

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