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Something as simple as unfinished planks of solid missanda wood have given form to a remarkable range of versatile furniture: rectangular and square platforms fitted with wheels, and the Bere-B Alta which doubles as a small table, stool or shelf.

Mirabell and Raventós are a team of designers who only make things they want to see in their own home. That applies to everything, even down to their children's wooden horses. Their creations make references to other cultures and range from Japanese formalism to Arab nomad. The ease with which the furniture can be moved to where it's wanted is an outstanding feature of their designs.

"We need to be able to switch furniture around. Ideally, we would like to have an attic so we could move everything around and start with a clean slate every now and then" explain Jordi and Mariona. Hence the name, Bere-B (Berber), given by the designers to their creations. The furniture is fitted with wheels which make it easy to move around. It can also be taken apart to make it easy to transport. They continue: "When the good weather comes, you like to make the best of the outdoors. On the other hand, when it is cold, it's better to put everything round the fire. Space needs to be changed constantly to meet the daily needs of a family with children. One should realize that the biggest luxury of all is space".

The Bere-B range combines a brilliant idea with well-chosen materials and finishes. The furniture employs solid planks of polished missanda wood. The planks are joined together by iron tie-beams. The mobile Bere-B stands only 27 cm off the floor and has four turned wooden wheels joined by two parallel iron tie-beams.

There is a square version with three planks and a wider version with five. These beautiful items fit in-whatever the furnishings or occasion. The table is not only easy to move around, its size and height also make it ideal as a serving tray. The eminently practical high Bere-B consists of two wooden planks joined to four tubular metal legs.

Square table with wheels. Solid wood
120 x 120 x H 27 cm

Rectangular table with wheels. Solid wood
140 x 90 x H 27 cm
175 x 90 x H 27 cm
200 x 90 x H 27 cm

High table. Solid wood
140 x 60 x H 42 cm
175 x 60 x H 42 cm
200 x 60 x H 42 cm