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This is a robust and simple bench designed for public meeting areas. It is conceived as a modular and versatile unit from which large alignments of seat surface can be formed, with or without backrest, the formal clarity of which predominates over rhetoric.

«Canons, sellers of prebends, coadjutors and twenty different orders of friars gather together to chat, walk around the square or sit on the benches to refresh themselves by eating grapes and melons: there is no better sign of ‘happy ignorance’ than this spectacle which the Plaza offers every day after dinner» (Account of the journey to Spain in 1830 by the Scottish writer, Henry Inglis)

The Bancal bench is especially designed for public use and has centuries of tradition. It is modular, solid, has a sober appearance and is designed for open spaces and to withstand adverse conditions.

It is a linear bench for public areas and may come with or without a backrest. It is made of a steel structure and wooden boards. These are common and long-lasting materials. It is designed to respond to urban plans for large benches with different needs and orientations. Its elemental but complete design enables the backrest to be positioned in two directions in the same alignment or simply not be installed.

It is a bent, welded and hot-dip galvanised 8 mm-steel sheet structure. The seat and backrest are made of solid wood boards of 50/65 x 195 mm cross section and variable lengths in red pine with high-pressure treatment. The board fastening screws are in bichromated steel.

The bench is delivered disassembled. Assembly instructions come with the bench. Anchorage is done using 2 bolts welded to each heat galvanised steel leg. The bench does not need any maintenance.