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Ceiling-mounted lights-General lighting >

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Product available on requesting minimum quantities to be repeated in the sphere of a project.

Conceived as an indoor lighting system, the RODOVRE light is based on the linear repetition of one spot each metre, projecting the light toward the ceiling from where it is reflected to obtain an excellent ambient lighting. With an exquisite formal essentialness, the lines of light (which can be extended as much as you want) can be used individually in corridors or narrow spaces, and multiplied in parallel fashion to cover huge spaces. And now with the advantage of having not incandescent bulbs (like the only ones that Jacobsen had available) but compact fluorescence ones, which minimize consumption and maintenance.

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In 1956, when Arne Jacobsen was commissioned by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to erect a multi-purpose tower in the centre of Copenhagen (an airline terminal, a travel agency and a hotel), from the outset he conceived a Gesamtkunstwerk, an all-embracing art form for which he designed not only the remarkable building but every detail inside, including furniture (such as the Swan chair and the renowned Egg armchair), upholstery, tableware, door handles, and so on. He also designed this elegant lamp that was used both in the lobby and the lounges, and indeed in every room of what would later be the SAS Royal Hotel.

On the floor the cast base mirrors the elliptical shape of the white lightweight linen shade, gripping onto the stainless steel shaft. A chain hangs from the bottom of the shade to allow the two bulbs, one facing downwards and the other upwards, to be switched on in any combination (one, the other, both together or neither). This perfectly conveys the train of thought of its creator: “efficiency plus functionality equals style”.