Product description

Patchwork panels represent a shift of perspective. Inspired by the traditional patchwork quilt, the idea is to bring this rich mosaic of shapes, textures and colours from the bedspread to the wall, as a headboard.

Patchwork is the result of solid teamwork. The idea comes from working directly with small pieces of fabric that we use daily, like a palette, to design combinations of fabrics. Its geometry is inspired by the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich, whom Rafa Garcia admires.

Patchwork consists of 4 pieces that we can combine at our whim. Each panel is easily inserted in a lightweight aluminium bar and one can place them in different positions. Depending on the orientation of the pieces, it is possible to achieve a more sober and serene composition or a more irregular and exciting one.

The cover of the bed is completely removable. The sizes are: 90x200 and 150x200.

Bed base 90X190
Bed base 150X200
Bed base 160X200
Bed base 180X200