Product description

Recessed ceiling and wall luminaires
Base: die-cast aluminium, powder-coated. Diffuser: plastic (PMMA) two-piece, opal or transparent, prismatic inside. Diffuser fastening: toggles. Housing for recessed installation in walls and ceilings: metal, powder-coated, white.
Standard Gore™ Protective Vents diaphragm valve for reduction of condensation.
Type of protection: IP 65, Protection class: I
Dimensions: L 420, B 420, H 2
Lamp/Wattage: TC 13 - 18 W
Available colour: white, silver metallic


Light squared, grace raised to the power of two
Hartmut S. Engel, the chief designer for our QUADRANA line, has a sure feel for minimal design and new forms of expression; and thus it’s no surprise that the QUADRANA is a masterpiece of lighting aesthetics, whose captivating interplay of direct and indirect light makes the QUADRANA both an object and experience. Grace is a quality which, when translated into a geometric form, surely resembles this completed square of light.
The QUADRANA enhances spaces, surfaces, and facades, whether as a cubic three-dimensional evocation of light, a recessed version whose indirect light is reflected by the integrated housing, a pure and precise surface mounted square, as barrier-free square recessed luminance surface, or as an eco-model with grid voltage LEDs that can also serve as a building communication platform. QUADRANA luminaires are constructed of powder-coated die-cast aluminium, while the diffusers are made of PMMA plastic. These elements are held in place by toggle-type fasteners. You can choose from a range of front-frame variants, base colours, and LED lamp colours.

- A graceful and at the same time versatile series of recessed and surface-mounted luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications
- This luminaire can be used as an information and communication system
- Condensation-free thanks to Gore Protective Vents membrane valves
- Approximately 50,000 hour LED life span
- Alternative light source: compact fluorescent lamps
- Thanks to the high type of protection these luminaires are almost maintenance-free and are ideal for outdoor settings.