Product description

**LED: 13 W, bis 800 lm
Farbe: klar
Aufbau: Armatur Aluminium, edelstahlfarben gebürstet eloxiert. Kristallglas klar mit partieller weißer Entblendungsbeschichtung, innenliegend. Glasbefestigung mit Schraubgewinde. Leuchtmittel (LED) im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Abmessungen: L 280, B 280, H 76
Lichtfarbe LED: 853

Product family


Light squared, grace
Even the base makes itself reverently invisible, leaves wall and eye to this puristical crystal glass corpus. With its shape it follows the highly developed and to the minimum reduced LED technology – and reflects capability and arts of glassmaking literally in all of its facets. No matter if circle or square generate the exalted interior surface: Each lamp is unique; is bearer of outstanding light quality, proof of great craftsmanship, design element and muse.
QUADRALED states, which indescribable gravity an actually simple graphic shape can develop. All attention is drawn to the beauty of the glass corpus, no accessories draw the attention off its grace, no calculatio blocks the vision. Yet the following questions required calculated thinking: How can you reduce and integrate technology in such a trendsetting way, that it allows the glass corpus this solitary status in the first place? How can you set milestones in light quality, efficiency and lasting value at the same time? The answers can be found in this symbiosis of grace and innovation named QUADRALED.

- The crystal glass body of this flat symmetrical luminaire makes a stylish and elegant impression.
- The form is in keeping with its minimalistic LED technology, which provides outstanding illumination.
- Each Quadraled is unique and reflects the craftsmanship of the glassmaking process.
- The interior white colored circular and rectangular surfaces prevent glare.
- The Quadraled is timelessly elegant and blends in impeccably with the surrounding architecture.