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Flight Three Seat
Flight Series
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Artur Moustafa >, Jonas Nordgren >
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Product description

W 2300 x D 980 x H 700 mm
Seat height: 355 mm

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The Flight series is a range that comprises a one, two and three-seat sofa. Flight is made with an ash frame, foam seat and is fully upholstered. The leg frame is lightly tapered and is made in ash to varying sizes depending upon the sofa frame. Flight is a large sofa; well crafted and built for comfort. It encourages the user to be at ease in various seating positions. The shape of the design juxtaposes sharp angles and soft curves, the result of which is a sense of timeless simplicity. The Flight sofa can sit comfortably, with no little modesty, in any room.

The Flight coffee table is made with an ash tabletop and massive ash in the leg frame. The Flight coffee table sits on the same frame as the sofa system; this features a lightly tapered leg detail that gives the design its lightness. The tabletop overhangs the base and is finished with a white pigmentation or a matte wooden finish. Like the sofa system, the coffee table extols the virtues of quality craftsmanship and straightforwardness.