Product description

· 220-bench: L220cm x W38cm x H454cm / L87in x W15in x H18in
· 180- bench: L180cm x W38cm x H454cm / L71in x W15in x H18in
· 120- bench: L120cm x W38cm x H454cm / L47in x W15in x H18in
· 50-stool: L50cm x W38cm x H454cm / L20in x W15in x H18in
· 220-bench: 31,4 kg / 70 lb
· 180-bench : 25 kg / 55 lb
· 120-bench: 17 kg / 38 lb
· 50-stool: 8 kg / 17.8 lb
· Seat: iroko (outdoor) or oak wood
· Legs: steel with cataphoretic coating process + polyester paint
Finishes: white and black

Product variants

Product family


The You and Me benches are the best complement for the You and Me ping pong table. It comes in 4 different lengths (86.6 in, 71 in, 47 in and the 20 in stool), in order to cater for all 3 models of the You and Me table. What’s more, they come with cushions and additional upholstered covers, with options for indoor or outdoor use, ensuring optimum comfort while matching any space or setting.