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Allumette Armchair
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Making sturdy table legs is an art – and an art which permits numerous variations. This wealth of possibilities, together with the sheer joy of design and delight in experimentation, is borne out to beautiful effect in this new table by Atelier Oï. The result is a very special kind of table, in which it is the play of forces which takes the strain and in which the function of each and every part is clearly visible. Here, function and form go hand in hand, creating a whole remarkable for its lightness. Pared down to the absolute minimum, the table’s parts look rather as if they might be assembled to make a boat. Indeed, because the wood of the Arura Vermelho tree is so hard, the designers were able to design a table which is intricate, airy and filigree. The wood even has a metallic ring to it and having been polished rather than varnished is wonderfully sensuous to touch.

The chair is built according to the same principles as the table, although the play of design is even more concentrated here than in the table. And it is this which makes it such a special piece of contemporary furniture – worthy of a chapter of its own in the history of chair-making.

The striking appearance of the ALLUMETTE sofa is attributable to its filigree framework design in hardwood sourced from the Arura Vermelho tree. Here, forces and counter-forces interplay to accept loads. Elegance and originality combine with stability. The non-varnished wood with its metal-like tone is finely polished, allowing its sensual presence to develop fully. The ALLUMETTE sofa offers a high degree of seating comfort – and adds an extremely prestigious touch to living spaces and reception areas thanks to its sturdy and distinctive appearance. The ALLUMETTE sofa comes in three different sizes with individually selectable coverings and cushions.