Product family


Profile 33 is a modular system whose elements can be used for window shading or room partitioning. The core element is the free-running aluminium rail. The single, double, or triple profile system, based on a few basic elements, was developed for use with traditional textile curtains, textile screens and light-weight sliding panels. Profile 33 can be curved to virtually any shape. Using the various panel carriers, it is possible to achieve a uniform solution at windows and within the room. The rosso screening materials are particularly apllicable for workplace partitioning. Profile 33 has internal runners, giving an uninterrupted run. In particular, the translucent panels allow for the design and separation of work and living places. Because Profile 33 functions both as an open-plan room divider and as a curtain system, a uniform design solution can be used throughout the office area. Assembly of the system is simple: the rectangular profile can be mounted with up to three runs on walls or from ceilings. Clip elements in the brackets hold the profile in position while the screws are inserted, thus allowing for simple installation by a single person. All visible components of the system have a glass-bead blasted, anodized aluminium finish, resulting in a characteristically brilliant, highly resistant surface.