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Project "Porsche Museum - Stuttgart, Germany"
Project "Porsche Museum - Stuttgart, Germany"
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Rosskopf & Partner Group – Innovative Design for the New Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

Rosskopf & Partner AG, one of the most innovative specialists in the design of superior surfaces in Europe with extraordinary expertise and engineering excellence, participated in the interior design of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart from June to November 2008.

Work on this, the most spectacular construction building project in the history of Rosskopf & Partner, began in October 2005. At the end of 2008, the elaborate construction of the new museum was completed and it will now become the central location for the cultivation of Porsche tradition.

The Vienna architecture office Delugan Meissl Associated Architects was responsible for the design of the museum and the HG Merz Architects in Stuttgart developed the concept for the exhibition. Rosskopf & Partner Group delivered semi-finished products for various construction parts and furniture to some of the interior decoration firms assigned to the project.

The materials delivered for this project included nearly 4,500 square meters of solid surface material HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG) in Alpine White S28 in thicknesses of 9 and 12 mm and 150 m2 of R+P Glaskeramik in the colour tone green (Jade Überkorn).

Solid Surface Material

After the first considerations by the architects and planners as to which material would be best suited for the wall panelling, pedestals and balustrades for the Porsche museum, the solid surface material HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG) finally won acceptance. The reasons for this decision were primarily the extraordinary quality of the material and the excellent references from previous projects. Of high importance for the planners was the absolute consistency in colour of the individual structural elements that can be achieved with solid surface materials and the proven fire-resistant character of the material. Ultimately, all of the material had to be available in sufficient quantities in the short period of time scheduled for the construction. Thanks to the short delivery time required for the solid surface material HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG) the delivery schedule could be guaranteed.

That made it possible for the Rosskopf & Partner Group to supply semi-finished products for the required wall panelling, pedestals and balustrades within only five months. During this time frame, Rosskopf & Partner AG supported the contracting firms in the development of the construction components, producing the parts as pre-confectioned elements and delivered the individual components to the new Porsche museum in Stuttgart. Rosskopf & Partner AG manufactured the following construction parts:

Pre-confectioned panelling sheets for balustrades
Skirting and walls with integrated hand rails
Air vents
Double frames for fire doors
Various pedestals
50 exhibition showcases in the colour Black S22

Additionally, several showcases and counters for the contracted interior decoration firms were manufactured. These included:

Media centre
Wall showcase “My Porsche“ (total of 14 m2) panelled with solid surface material
Pantry counter for the restaurant area

Firstly, the special challenge for this project was to provide materials that met the strict requirement for absolute consistency in colour for the individual construction components. In addition, the requirement included constructing and smoothing very large surfaces that were interconnected. In some areas, expansion spaces between the surfaces could only appear every 15 meters.

Finding a solution to line up the over-hanging wall frames also presented a special challenge. For this solution, the Rosskopf & Partner Group developed a new gluing technique for HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG) to fulfil the special requirements for the so-called “Overhead skirts.” Likewise, new temporary mounting methods were used for the duration of time required for the solid surface material glue to set.

Rosskopf & Partner Group also provided consulting to the contracting interior decorating firms in a multitude of technical decisions (installation of the walls, connections, processes for mounting, surfaces) and provided special support to the customers by training them in installation techniques (for example, in bonding and polishing).

For this project, in comparison to the challenges mentioned above, the just-in-time delivery of the respective elements at the construction site was a rather simple requirement to resolve.

R+P Glaskeramik

In addition to delivering construction components and furniture made of the solid surface material HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG), Rosskopf & Partner manufactured and delivered a total of nine pedestal coverings made of R+P Glaskeramik (product and registered trademark of Rosskopf & Partner). These were produced as finished agglutinated elements with substructures and serve as pedestals for the automotive exhibits.

The mitred edges of the pedestals were glued and then polished so that the visual impression is such that the pedestal appears to be made from a single block of material. Even at very sharp angles and with 30° mitred edges, the Rosskopf & Partner Group succeeded in bonding the parts almost seamlessly, thus producing an extremely accurate visual impression. The pedestal surfaces made of R+P Glaskeramik (product and registered trademark of Rosskopf & Partner) ultimately form a stable platform for the exhibited “old-timer” vehicles.

For the first time ever Rosskopf & Partner manufactured an R+P Glaskeramik (product and registered trademark of Rosskopf & Partner) product with mitres well under 45° for these objects.

Additional Information

In the area of HI-MACS® (product and registered trademark of LG) this project was led by Matthias Weinhardt in the Hennersdorf facility and, in the area of R+P Glaskeramik (product and registered trademark of LG), it was led by Martin Seyfarth in the Obermehler facility.

The implementation of the many different orders for the project could never have been carried out to the complete satisfaction of our customers without the special expertise gained from 25 years' experience with solid surface material. This success results from the long-standing partnership between the Rosskopf & Partner Group and LG Chem Europe since the launch of HI-MACS ® (product and registered trademark of LG) and the resulting productive efficiency in delivery for large orders, as well as from a world-class engineering team that was responsible for providing optimal support to our customers.

In addition, in the field of R + P Glaskeramik (product and registered trademark of Rosskopf & Partner), thanks to their many years of experience, the Rosskopf & Partner Group has become highly proficient in processing this material. This includes, among many other things, the appropriate special machining equipment at the Obermehler facility used to process the glass ceramics.