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Project "Hotel Puerta America - Madrid, Spain"
Project "Hotel Puerta America - Madrid, Spain"
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12th + 13th Floor by Jean Nouvel


Awarding authority
The Spanish hotel group “Hoteles Silken” based in Madrid is the awarding authority for the design hotel Puerta America. 28 hotels belong to the Silken-Group.

They have three or four stars and can be found in:
- Andorra
- Avilés
- Barcelona (4 hotels)
- Bilbao (2 hotels)
- Brussels, Belgium
- Ciudad Real
- Léon
- Madrid (3 hotels)
- Murcia
- Oviedo (2 hotels)
- Platja d’Aro
- Salamanca
- San Sebastián
- Santa Cruz de Tenerife
- Santander
- Sevilla
- Toledo
- Valencia
- Valladolid
- Vitoria
- Zaragoza

Besides the five star hotel Puerta America in Madrid there are two other hotels in Toledo and Malaga scheduled to be opened in the year 2005. For the year 2006 eight new openings are planned, amongst others one also in London, UK.

“Hotel of dreams” is what the Silken-Group calls its new hotel Puerta America in Spain’s capital city. Its facade was uncovered to the public on January 19th 2005. The list of the seventeen architects involved reads like the “who's who” of the current international designer scene.

The first to be mentioned is Jean Nouvel who is responsible for the lamellae facade structure of the twelve-storey building. Partly, the architects were responsible for the interior design of a whole floor. Every architect involved was given absolute creative freedom. John Pawson for instance could realise his idea of an atmospheric lounge in the foyer he designed. Zaha Hadid tried out all potentials of CAD-supported 3D design on her floor.

The project on 41 Avenida de America had a budget of approximately 75 million Euros and will be officially inaugurated in July 2005.

Architects involved
Besides Jean Nouvel, who was responsible for the facade and the overall layout, sixteen other designers participated in creating the Hotel Puerta America:
Overall layout Jean Nouvel
1st floor Zaha Hadid
2nd floor Norman Foster
3rd floor David Chipperfield
4th floor Eva Castro & Holgen Kehne
5th floor Victorio & Lucchino
6th floor Marc Newson
7th floor Ron Arad
8th floor Kathryn Findlay
9th floor Gluckman Mayne
10th floor Arata Isozaki
11th floor Javier Mariscal
12th floor Jean Nouvel
13th floor Jean Nouvel
Mezzanine John Pawson
Restaurant Christian Liaigre
Tapas Bar Marc Newson
Underground car park Teresa Sapey
Garden Jonathan Bell/Harriet Bourne
Lights Arnold Chan

Selection process
On a fair in 2003 LG Chem Europe came to know of the new hotel in Madrid the Silken-Group planned to build. They also learned of the ideas of different designers to use two- and three-dimensionally formed Solid Surface materials.

LG Chem Europe quickly recognised the complexity of such a project. Having approved the project, the company’s head office in Geneva looked for a fabricator able to deal with an assignment of that size and com- plexity.

Due to the experience in forming recognised worldwide, the highly qualified engineering team and the great experience in exports Rosskopf & Partner was soon found out to be the only European fabricator that was able to manage this project.

In mid-December of 2003 the first contact with the awarding authority was established on location. Subsequently all architects involved were visited by the executive board of Rosskopf & Partner personally before the issuing of a tender. Rosskopf & Partner were given drawings and data by the architects, to understand the content of the particular projects when making an offer. At the end of February 2004 the offer was submitted. In late March the assignment to the project followed. All work carried out by Rosskopf & Partner in the Hotel Puerta America was finished in May 2005. ROSSKOPF& PARTNER AG

Project team and staff
The task to realise four floors in the Solid Surface material LG HI-MACS®marked a completely new dimension in pro- cessing Solid Surface materials for Rosskopf & Partner. On very short notice all three locations of production had to be re-structured, production and logistics had to be reorganised, the team had to be expanded by 100% and the equipment (from tools to computers) had to be extended. All partners – from material supplier LG and the local staff to the subcontractors – worked perfectly hand in hand, were highly motivated and pulled together in order to finish the task in time and without problems.

Currently 120 staff are working for Rosskopf & Partner. During the time of the contract one could rely on 45 people in Dauborn, 70 people in Obermehler and 60 people in Hennersdorf.

On location in Madrid up to sixty assemblymen continued the work from eight rented apartments. Most of the workers were subcontractors who had been trained intensively and prepared for their work in Madrid in one of the three locations of Rosskopf & Partner for three weeks.

Planning, realisation, completion

1st floor: Zaha Hadid, London, UK Planning:
- The planning was carried out by Zaha Hadid Architects.
- The draft was a digital 3D-CAD-model of the room-modules (rooms, foyer, corridor ceiling, lighted doors, suites and furniture) in rhino-format.
- Rosskopf & Partner took the task of putting these plans into reality and to integrate different functions into the surfaces.
- Special challenges were the transformation of the electronic data, the mould construction and the 3D forming of the material.
- Three-dimensional surfaces were split in parts thus making a 3D forming of the segments possible.
- 1200 moulds had to be made.
- The particular segments made of LG HI-MACS®were prefabricated and delivered to the building site in Madrid.
- The moulding blanks were produced in Hünfelden- Dauborn. The five-axis milling was done in Henners- dorf.
- All thermal deforming and the finishing of the modules were done in the factories of Rosskopf & Partner in Dauborn and in Obermehler.
- Pasting and grinding of the room-modules consisting of parts of walls and ceiling on location in Madrid.
- Installation of the bathroom segments ROSSKOPF& PARTNER AG

3rd floor: David Chipperfield, London, UK
Planning, realisation, completion 3rd floor: David Chipperfield, London, UK Planning:
- Consultation with the architect, who had well elaborated plans with many details.
- The task for Rosskopf & Partner was the production of washing stands, tubs, living room tables and furniture for the suites (sideboard, TV-rack, bench) as well as different accessories (e.g. waste paper baskets).
- The challenge in this monolithic architecture was mainly the black colour.
- The production of all objects mentioned above took place in Rosskopf & Partner's factory in Hennersdorf.
- Installation of the washing stands and tubs.
- Placing of the tables and of the furniture for the suites

7floor: Ron Arad, London, UK
Planning, realisation, completion 7th floor: Ron Arad, London, UK Planning:
- Ron Arad presented very detailed plans that could be realised without many changes.
- The challenge on this floor was the two- and three-dimensional forming on the one hand and the wish to integrate all functions of a hotel room into a free- standing, narrow wall on the other hand.
- The rooms to the left were manufactured in red colour, the ones to the right were made in white.
- Again, the two- and three-dimensional surfaces were split in order to make a 2D or 3D forming of the segments possible.
- A multiplex base frame was produced in the factory. Then all necessary water and electric connexions were made in Madrid.
- Likewise, the wall surface segments were prefabricated from LG HI-MACS®and delivered to the building site in Madrid.
- This fabrication took place completely in the Obermehler factory of Rosskopf & Partner.
- Pasting and grinding of the wall-modules.

8floor: Kathryn Findlay, London, UK
- The task for Rosskopf & Partner was the production of a bathroom alcove consisting of tub, washing stand and panelling of the alcove made from LG HI-MACS®.
- All segments were connected seamlessly.
- This was to be carried out in the colour white.
- The elements were manufactured by Aquaform Inc. Sp. z o.o. from Krakow, Poland, a long standing cooperation partner of Rosskopf & Partner. Quality control and project management were lead by Rosskopf & Partner.
- Assembly in Madrid was also carried out by Aquaform Inc. Sp. z o.o. working together with assemblymen of Rosskopf & Partner.

12th floor: Jean Nouvel, Paris, France
- The Rooms on this floor were to be produced in a specially mixed colour.
- The task at hand was a complete room lining with 9mm LG HI-MACS®.
- Additionally, basins were manufactured from LG HI-MACS®and used as vendor parts for glass washing stands.
- Furthermore, Rosskopf & Partner produced freestanding bath tubs and settees for this floor.
- Especially difficult technically and statically were the bath tubs as they had to bear a 300 kg glass plate as divider from the shower.
- The production of the objects mentioned above took place in Rosskopf & Partner’s factories in Hennersdorf and Obermehler (tubs).
- The panelling for the walls was shipped to Madrid as raw material.
- Mounting of the seamless wall lining.
- Placing of the bath tubs and settees.

Mezzanine: John Pawson, London, UK
- Rosskopf & Partner was given the task to produce the panelling for the ceilings and shelves of John Pawson’s mezzanine. These panels had to be removable for maintenance work.
- The production of the prepared modules took place in Hennersdorf.
- Assembly of the prefabricated modules.

Restaurant: Christian Liaigre, Paris, France
- Rosskopf & Partner manufactured the Cafeteria Bar using engraved and formed LG HI-MACS®panels.
- The master for the engraving was a painting digitally converted into CAD-data by Rosskopf & Partner.
- First a steel frame construction was built in order to transfer the forces of the small bearing surface of the bar.
- Then prefabricated plinths with stainless steel covers were produced.
- After that the engraved LG HI-MACS®shells were thermally formed.
- Additionally, a worktop was manufactured.
- Assembly of the steel frame construction (subsequent casting with screed).
- Mounting of plinths and worktop.
- Fitting of the engraved and curved shells.

Tapas Bar: Marc Newson, London, UK
- Hexagonal tables with internal lighting were produced for the lounge of the Tapas Bar.
- This showed and used the translucence of the material LG HI-MACS®extensively.
- The production of the tables took place in the Hennersdorf factory.
- Placing of the tables on existing lighting. Moulding tool production