Ventilate facade

Natural stone panels from Rosal Stones

Product description

A ventilated facade is the creation of an exterior skin anchored to the building envelope, which favors energy savings by interposing, between it and the supporting wall, an air chamber and an insulating material.

We offer stone pieces in thicknesses calculated according to material, formats and characteristics of the facade.
Standardized or customized modules, adapted to each project.

*Includes machining and finishes required for the chosen fastening system.

Applications and uses:
Both for new construction works and energy rehabilitation of existing homes, meet the most demanding conditions for nearly zero energy buildings EECN according to the technical building code.


We offer to the construction sector all the Albamiel natural stone sustainable advantages, through 3 construction solutions:

1. Massive construction
2. Ventilated Facade
3. Stone Bricks

The result is low-carbon constructions with high energy efficiency and aesthetics, supported by studies and
and aesthetics, supported by studies and reports issued by official organizations and experts

Some of the advantages of these systems are:
Low carbon emissions
Good thermal insulation and inertia
Absence of chemical products
No fire reaction
Harmful waves isolation from the environment
No finishing or post-treatment
Acoustic insulation
Low radioactivity
Long life of the building
Reusable and recyclable
Low maintenance
Manufacturer Rosal Stones
Family Sustainable building solutions
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