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Ocean Rosal Brushed
Facade and pavement cladding
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Product description

Natural sandstone of gray color, with shades of green and blue. Of uniform porosity, it is compact and provides a great hardness; it also shows fossil remains of dark color and strata that highlight its natural looking.

Its elegant mixture of colors coming from the nature, create a suggestive but relaxing environment, enriching and giving a touch of personality to the projects.

60 x 40cm

120 x 40cm
60 x 30cm

Large formats:
80 x 80 cm
90 x 90 cm
120 x 80 cm

Starting from 2 cm, any thickness.

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Our limestones and sandstones are perfect for exterior and interior wall and floor coverings that seek to integrate design with the environment. They are timeless and offer exclusivity in beauty, comfort and efficiency.

Their resistance to weathering differentiates them positively from other natural stones and materials, and allows us to enjoy them for a long time in exterior cladding, gaining value and beauty with the passage of time.

They bring a genuine Mediterranean flair to terraces, swimming pools or garden areas.
They provide outdoor flooring with a high guarantee of durability and ease of maintenance,
Among the most significant advantages of using limestone and sandstone for outdoor flooring are that they do not heat up and are pleasant to the touch. Finishes such as brushed or aged enhance their pleasant texture and aesthetics.